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An Open Letter to my Fellow American Jews by NITZAKHON April 14, 2018

An Open Letter to my Fellow American Jews 

by NITZAKHON   April 14, 2018

Impossible to get the full impact of this article without clicking on this URL, which will allow you to view the many film clips that the e-mail format disallows.

This was not an easy to write; I suspect it will be difficult to read as well.  I don’t want to be harsh, I don’t want to be nasty, but this is a “tough love” message that needs saying.  Let me not waste time.

In Civilizational Collapse and the Brain, I hypothesized about a possible biological explanation for why it is that civilizations collapse.  The theory – go read the whole thing, I think it’s definitely one of my best pieces! – is simple: comfort and safety from birth lead to an atrophy of the threat recognition ability.  My essay mentions, and I think ties in very well with, the r/K reproductive strategy switch, which is ably related alongside other thoughts by Bill Whittle in this video:
Civilizations collapse from within, because people let the destructor in; one example is The Barbarians Who Sacked Rome Came Into the Empire as Refugees.  Who is coming in now?  My essay has several examples about today’s Islamic treatment of various groups who, nonetheless, take their side; this excerpt below, specifically, focuses on Jews (links in original):

[M]y fellow Jews in America want more Islamic refugees to America… despite Synagogues in France (let alone elsewhere in Europe) needing armed guards 24/7 and even concertina wire atop newly-installed high fences with closed-circuit cameras for protection against those very same refugees.  Synagogues are firebombed by Islamists, Rabbis openly talk about needing protection to live openly-Jewish lives, anti-Semitism is rising, Muslims across Europe scream “Jews, remember Khaybar” – a reference to a battle where Mohammed slaughtered Jews en masse.  Despite all these, and Imams all over calling for Jews to be killed – in Houston, in California, in Holland, inNorth Carolina, everywhere (three alone since President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital) – and the historical precedent of Mohammed himself and the anti-Semitism codified in the Koran itself… Jews write letters to the editor wanting more migrants.  
“Where is your survival instinct?”
Watch this video.  If you don’t shudder at it but think that this is just another example of wonderful multicultural enrichment </sarcasm> then you’ve lost said survival instinct, if you ever had it.
[NOTE: Again, to see this and other clips, click on the URL above].
In Australia, Muslims are turning areas into NO GO zones just like they have done throughout Europe, and in particular NO JEW GO zones.  France may soon be Judenrein because of Islamic violence against Jews.  Anti-Semitism is at the highest levels since WWII… because of Islamic immigration.
Again I ask: Where has the survival instinct gone?  

Between the atrophy of the amygdalae and the hijacking of Tikkun Olam – that noble calling to do good deeds to heal the world – which has been twisted and perverted by liberal Jews to social activism ends.  They’ve done this by in-group praise creating a literal drug addition to the pleasurable feelings created by neurotransmitter production when people get praised for being so “open-minded” and “tolerant” and “generous” and “helpful to those in need” (bolding added, link in the original):
I have just finished "How I Escaped from Political Correctness and You Can Too" by Loretta Breuning, a fascinating book that argues that our political views are more often determined by a need to replenish compounds like oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin generated in our bodies, compounds that we share with more primitive mammals.  It sounds almost crackpot but I have never read anything that explains so well why normally intelligent people adhere to such absurd politically correct views without questioning them.  To vastly oversimplify Breuning's thesis -- she has considerable scientific background -- our mammal-like need for group approval and reassurance, to be part of the herd, which is stimulated by our addiction to those internal compounds, keeps us repeating patterns over and over.

Western Civilization is good; not just for Jews, but everyone.  It is the greatest civilization not only currently, but ever in human history.  Likewise America, specifically, has been good to the Jews:

As a Jew, I am glad that I live in this exceptional Christian Nation. Outside of Israel, there is no place where Jews are more accepted. A Jew need not fear wearing a keepa (yarmulka) in public as one must in virtually every major European city, from London to Paris to Brussels.

Jews advocating for the influx of Islamic refugees into Europe and America are helping to import people whose culture calls for the conquest and subsequent destruction of that greatest civilization… not to mention the enslavement of all non-Muslims generally, and the annihilation of the Jews specifically.  Muslim rule in Spain was not, contrary to popular belief, good for us (better than by the Christians at the time, but in no way good; as the sage Dr. Thomas Sowell asks, "Compared to what?"); see The myth – and Reality – of the Andalusian paradise(bolding added):
His cautious approach may be governed in part by the recognition that, after hundreds of years of enforced coexistence, it can be difficult to determine what came from what. And the difficulty stems in part, because the Islamic conqueror’s rule often allowed communities of Jews or Christians to live within their own conclaves under their own laws, although as dhimmis, humiliated and subject to special taxation.

Under the Pact of Umar, we had to wear yellow markings. Yellow markings… sound familiar?  Where could Hitler have learned that?  Oh, yes, his buddy-buddy relationship with the genocidal Muslim Mufti Amin al-Husseini.
Muslim leaders in Europe are now talking about the establishment of a 100% Sharia state, and note the impossibility of their claim they don’t want the headscarf but do want Sharia:
“Our goal is a 100% Islamic State, but we don’t mean we want to oblige the headscarf,” the party’s founder Redouane Ahrouch says. “By establishing Sharia law we want to follow the way of the prophet and the Quran”, he adds.
We celebrate Pesach to celebrate our freedom – why would Jews or anyone choose re-enslavement over the freedoms we have in the West?
So let me be blunt-force trauma direct: 

Go read about Muslim demographics in Europe.  And one quote, pulled, originally from here:
In 1974, former Algerian President Houari Boumediene said in a speech at the UN:
"One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere to go to the northern hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give the victory."

Scared yet?  Or does your local Shul need to be firebombed by people screaming Allahu Akhbar, or do Jewish-owned shops in your neighborhood need to be attacked, or will it take your child’s religious school getting theIslamic Beslan treatment?  Muslims  have surveilled Jewish schools in America: NYC: Muslima caught on video taking photos of Jewish school… somehow I doubt this out of concern for the safety of the exits.  American churches are installing metal detectors because of the thread of Islamic terror.  Imams in the US call for Jews to be killed; Three U.S. Imams have Called for Death of Jews Since Trump's Jerusalem Announcement (bolding added):
In the latest incident, Abdullah Khadra, a Syrian-American imam, announced during a sermon in a Raleigh, North Carolina-area mosque on Monday that Jews should be killed. The sermon was taped and transcribed by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)¸ a nonprofit group.

"The Prophet Muhammad gave us the glad tidings that...we will fight those Jews until the rocks and the trees will speak: Oh Muslim, this is a Jew behind me," Khadra said. MEMRI suggests that the words have a known connotation that Khadra did not say, but his listeners understood. “The continuation of the well-known Hadith is that the rocks and the trees say: ‘Come and kill him,’” MEMRI reported.
Do they need to start actually doing it??  Remember that Mohammed was a refugee who fled Mecca and was taken in by the Jews of Medina.  How did that end for them?

Consider the flight of Jews from Europe because of the Jew-hating Muslims flooding in, the fears of Jews who are still in Europe, never mind the burgeoning flight of Europeans from their native landsexplosion of crimes like rapeat the hands of Muslims who view kaffir women as legitimate and Islamic-lawful targets. Does your child need to be bullied and have death threats from Muslim children, like are now being seen in Europe (bolding added):
A latest incident of school bullying has again highlighted the issue of antisemitism among Germany’s Muslim youth. The case involves a second-grade Jewish girl at a Berlin elementary school who was bullied by her Muslim classmates.

The authorities apparently tried to downplay the incident, with school headmaster initially describing the death threat issued to the Jewish girl by her Muslim classmates as a conversation “on the topic of faith and religion.”
Do you have to be assaulted by a Muslim immigrant who deliberately searched for Jews to target (links in the original; bolding restructured):
The worst anti-Semitic hate crime of 2018 took place outside a restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Izmir Koch
an Ahiska Turkish migrant who had already been in trouble with the law, allegedly demanded to know if there were any Jews around. A man who been at the restaurant replied that he was Jewish. Izmir punched him in the head, and then kicked him while he lay on the ground.

The victim, who wasn’t actually Jewish, suffered bruised ribs and a fractured eye socket.
In the New York Times (bolding added):
Anti-Semitism was supposed to be a disease of the far right. But the people actually killing Jews in France these days are not members of the National Front. They are Islamists.
The major crimes against the Jewish community — Ilan Halimi, the Toulouse killings, the Hyper Cacher killings, Sarah Halimi — all of them have all been carried out by radicalized Muslims,” Robert Ejnes, the executive director of CRIF, an umbrella organization of French Jewish groups, told me in a call from Paris. “These young people have French identity cards, but they hate what France stands for. This is the nature of the problem we are facing. And it’s very hard to talk about.”
How many more Jews will have to be harassed, assaulted, tortured, and killed before the obvious becomes apparent to those who profess to be fighting antisemitism?

See here too, Anti-Semitism Worldwide: It’s Getting Worse.  Why worse?  An influx of Muslims.
A French woman who survived the Shoah was murdered by a Muslim immigrant because she was Jewish.  And this picture is from Germany; do you really think they’re going to be friendlier to Jews once they’ve taken over? 

This mosque is in Canada – CANADA! – where a video shows children being taught to behead kaffirs:

[Canada Mosque Kids Acting Out Beheading / 2:15]

Intelligent people learn from the lessons and experiences of others, read historical accounts of similar situations resulting in catastrophe, and think “Maybe this isn’t a good idea”.
[Enslaving and converting Infidels Is One of the Virtues of Islam / 3:33]

Meanwhile, many Jews, especially American Jews, seemingly double-down-determined in helping the Islamic destroyer come in.  They even compare the current refugee crisis to the plight of pre-WWII European Jews when, in fact, that is manifestly not the case, e.g., No, Middle Eastern refugees can’t be compared to Holocaust victims:

However, it is incorrect to draw a parallel between the Jews who fled Europe in the 1930s, who were, as Jews, specific targets for genocide and Nazi concentration camps, and those today wishing to escape the civil war in their Mideast countries.  The Syrians, for example, are not being targeted because they are Muslims, and there is no Final Solution planned against them.  Their civil wars have placed them in difficult circumstances, but their situation is not comparable to the deliberate and planned Final Extermination specifically directed at Jews as Jews during the once-in-history Holocaust. It's a different category altogether.
Furthermore, comparisons to the Holocaust situation are improper, for (2) there were no Nazi agents embedded within the fleeing Jews, (3) the Jews did not harbor a cultural or religious ideology wishing to sow physical destruction among the American people, and (4) there were no rabbis in the 1930s sending forth commands worldwide to destroy the "infidels."  Indseed, (5) the completely innocent Jews of Europe had nowhere to go, no country to take them in – there was not yet a State of Israel – whereas there are 57 Islamic states, many exceedingly wealthy, who could be providing safe haven to their Islamic brothers.

Morally, this is wrong:

Europe and America do not belong to us; they are not ours to give away just so we can feel good about ourselves,dopamine-addict-style.  Any Jew who advocates for the ongoing influx, which is already seeing bitter fruit of whole swaths of countries being rendered conquered Islamic territory, is helping theft on the grandest of scales.
Thou Shalt Not Steal (Exodus 20:15)
Let alone being an accessory / enabler of every murder they commit.

Thou Shalt Not Murder (Exodus 20:13)
And while helping others is good, it cannot be done at the price of your own life – or by extension the life of the country / civilization in which you live (bolding added):
This was the accepted opinion until Rabbi Akiva came and taught that the verse states: “And your brother shall live with you,” indicating that your life takes precedence over the life of the other.

And it's pure suicide:
“Judgment Day will not come before the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Jews will hide behind the rocks and the trees, but the rocks and the trees will say: Oh Muslim , oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him…”

They said and did it back then; What Happened to the Jews of Arabia? 
They say it now.  Here, in the US.

“When someone says they want to kill you, believe them.”
-- Elie Wiesel

By word and deed, in America and Europe, they say they want to kill us.  I have the moral courage to believe them. Why don't you?


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