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16 hours ago - Maxwell School of Syracuse University. 1.8K subscribers. International Law Issues in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict, with Eugene Kontorovich.

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Eugene Kontorovich teaches at Northwestern University School of Law, and is a senior ... He is a leading expert on the legal issues in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and has ... His scholarship has been cited in pathbreaking international law cases ...

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Professor Eugene Kontorovich teaches at Northwestern University School of Law . He specializes in ... International Law · Legal Issues in Arab-Israeli conflict ...

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Apr 8, 2018 - Professor Eugene Kontorovich is the head of the international law department ... Israel was created, like most countries, after a successful war where no one ... The Palestinians have the right to vote in Palestinian elections, and self- government. ... However, all of their foreign policies and defense issues are ...

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Eugene Kontorovich is a professor at Northwestern Law whose research spans the fields of constitutional law, international law, and law and economics. He has  ...

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Mar 11, 2016 - Now, Northwestern University Professor of Law Eugene Kontorovich, ... International Law Issues in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict, with Eugene ...

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Eugene Kontorovich 22 Kislev 5777 | 22 December 2016. The proposed “ Regulation Bill” raises the legal issues within Israeli and International Law regarding ...
International Law Expert: UN's Obsession With Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Robs it of Ability to Deal With More Serious Problems (INTERVIEW) ... Dr. Eugene Kontorovich — a professor at Northwestern University's Pritzker School of Law and ...

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By Eugene Kontorovich March 10, 2016 Email the author ... about the extent of Israel's borders by examining the standard international-law rule used to determine the borders of newly ... He also writes and lectures frequently about the Arab-Israel conflict. .... A state-by-state look at where Generation Y stands on the big issues.

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