Sunday, February 18, 2018

 Excerpts from: “Mueller Patched Together Much of His  Indictment from 2015 Radio Free Europe Article”

by Jim Hoft

After sixteen months of investigations  Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced  charges against Russian operatives who interfered with the US election process both before  the 2016 election and then after, following Donald Trump’s victory.

The indictment named 13 Russian operatives from the internet Research Center LLC. in St. Petersburg who attempted to “interfere” with the 2016 US presidential election.


But this information is not new. It appears Mueller and his team copied much of their report from an earlier Radio Free Europe article.

4chan has a thread alleging Robert Mueller and his investigators got all the names and the idea for his Russian indictment from a 2015 Radio Free Europe article.

The site claims “We plugged the article into google translate (It’s in Ukrainian), and the article reads like the Mueller indictment.”
Here is the Mueller indictment describing the Internet Research Agency LLC:
And here is the RFE article from 2015:

For the third year, first in St. Petersburg, in the village of Ol’hina, and then in the city itself, on the street Savushkina, in the building number 55 there is a mysterious organization, which is officially called the Limited Liability Company Internet Research, and unofficially nicknamed by its employees, the so-called “Kremlin trolls”, “the Ministry of Truth” .

The official founder and director general of this organization is the retired militia colonel Mikhail Bystrov , and is funded by the Concord holding, headed by friend and chef of President Vladimir Putin Yevgeny Prigozhin . Since 2000, this holding organizes banquets in the Kremlin, as well as cooperates with “Vointorg” and the Ministry of Defense.

In the “Trust Ministry”, approximately 400 people, who change one at a time for 12 hours, sit around the computer around the clock and write in blogs – mostly in “Live Journal” or “VKontakte”. There are several departments. In one they are engaged in the blogosphere, in another they are preparing TK – technical tasks, in the third one – they comment on the news in Russian and foreign media , in the fourth – mount photos in the photoshop, forcing, say, heads of Navalny and Obama to the bodies of animals, and so on.

The article even has a photo of the Ministry of Justice headquarters on Savushkin Street in St. Petersburg–
It appears the  Mueller team produced their report with the help of a report written back in 2015.

And there’s this…
The Russian ads mentioned in Mueller’s indictment were already released by the House Intelligence Committee in November 2017.

Facebook previously announced the Russian ads comprised .004% of their advertising during the election.

As previously reported…
The House Intelligence Committee released a sampling of Facebook ads linked to Russia. One of the ads released was a sponsored post for the Nov. 12 anti-Trump march at Union Square against Trump in New York City after the election.

Mueller’s  indictment contained information that was previously publicly reported.

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