Thursday, November 2, 2017

 Recent Iran news that the MSM is covering up  [ Shirley Lewis has materials like this for all of 2017]:
Date: November 2, 2017 

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10-3-17  The JCPOA's Critical Flaw Is Its Lack Of Real Inspection By The IAEA; Those Focusing On Iran's Ballistic Missiles And The JCPOA's Sunset Clause Are Evading The Urgent Issue – The Need For Real Inspection Now. Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) have observed“Carrying out inspections in the other sites can take place only after political negotiations in the Joint Commission of the JCPOA – which comprise the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Russia, the IAEA, and Iran – and only after some 30 days have passed from the time of the submission of the intelligence information that prompted the request for inspection, and only after the sources of this intelligence have been fully revealed to Iran, Russia and China. under these conditions, there is no real possibility of real and effective inspection of Iran’s nuclear activity.”


10-4-17  Iran "deal" should be decertified. It was a fraud from the start. 

1 – Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world and should not be trusted with even a peaceful nuclear program. Such a program is clearly not in America’s national security interests, even if Iran fully complied with its obligations (which it has not, see below).
2 – Even prior to the JCPOA, Iran had a history of cheating on its nuclear program by previously violating the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NTP) as well as numerous United Nations resolutions and international obligations.
A small sampling of Iran’s previous violations include:
  • Carrying out extensive nuclear work that has no civilian purposes despite its commitment not to do so.
  • Being caught in August 2003 with traces of highly enriched uranium at the Natanz uranium enrichment plant.
  • Admitting in 2004 to importing parts for advanced centrifuges that could theoretically be utilized to enrich uranium.
  • Totally ending its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on February 4, 2006.
  • Being accused by the IAEA in August 2006 of failing to suspend its enrichment activities.
  • Acknowledging that it had carried out uranium conversion experiments without notifying the IAEA.
3 – Iran has already been accused of violating the JCPOA.
4 – The IAEA cannot be relied upon to thoroughly inspect Iran’s nuclear sites.
5 – The issue of nuclear inspections is moot given that Iran wont allow inspectors into any military site.
6 – The nuclear agreement perpetually leaves Iran months away from obtaining nuclear weapons.

10-10-17  German intelligence report: Iran tried to illegally buy nuclear technology 32 times since nuke deal agreement.  
In 2015 and 2016 Tehran made dozens of attempts to illicitly obtain technology that would have propelled its nuclear and ballistic missile programs forward, German intelligence says • Information casts doubt on Iran's compliance with the nuclear deal. 

Iran on Pathway to Fully Restart Nuclear Weapons Program
Iran is on the pathway to fully restarting its contested nuclear weapons program due to insufficient international inspections of its military sites and caveats in the landmark nuclear deal that permit it to reengage in nuclear enrichment work within the next several years, according to experts who testified before Congress.

10-12-17   52 page report: Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps Runs Secret Sites for Illegal Nuclear Development.  Sites listed. Link to full report provided. 

10-14-17   Iran: 'Our ballistic missile program will grow'
Iran remains defiant after President Trump announces he will decertify Iran's compliance with nuclear deal, slams missile program.
10-11-17  Iran moves to sidestep ballistic-missile sanctions with German weapons companies. 
Tehran is soliciting German defense firms to support its ballistic missile program, in an attempt to sidestep harsh international sanctions designed to prevent Iranfrom obtaining such weaponry.
German intelligence officials have put the country’s weapons makers on notice regarding possible support for the missile program, reminding defense firms that sales of specific rocket and missile technology to Iran is in direct violation of standing restrictions on such support, Reuters reported Thursday.

10-13-17  A Brief Timeline of Iran-Sponsored Terrorism Since 1979

10-16-17  Iran Vows to ‘Follow N. Korea’ Nuke Pathway After Deal Decertification
Iran is more likely to follow the North Korean nuclear model—which includes the illicit transfer of nuclear technology and the routine test of this equipment—despite the U.S. decision to remain a party to the nuclear agreement in the short term. 

10-18-17  Iran to cooperate with Syria to destroy 'the Zionist enemy'
Iranian general arrives in Syria, says he is working to repel the 'Zionist threat' to Syria.

10-19-17   Why Are So Many Claiming That Iran Is Complying with the Deal, When Evidence Shows They Aren't? by Alan M. Dershowtiz

10-20-17   Iranian Aggression Intensifies  
UN ambassador Nikki Haley takes the "outlaw" regime to task. 
10-20-17  Glick:  Iran's Very Good Week. The Islamic Republic doesn't play around.  Iran's territorial expansion continues with its taking-by-proxie of Kirkuk, an oil rick area formerly controlled by the pro-US/Israel Kurds.  

10-23-17   The Iran-Hamas Plan to Destroy Israel

10-25-17   Iran Paving Way to Abandon Nuclear Deal, Fortify Missile Program

10-28-17   Report: U.S. Troops Need to Remain in Middle East Post-ISIS to Block Iran ‘Land Bridge’
Iran routinely sends weapons to the Bashar al-Assad regime and Hezbollah terrorists.
(What Iran is doing with its Obamabucks (saction relief funding), 

10-30-17   Rouhani: We'll continue to produce missiles
Iranian president unfazed by American sanctions, says Iran doesn't consider ballistic missiles a violation of international agreements.

10-30-17  U.S. Pursuing Rigorous New Nuclear Inspection Regime in Iran
Officials demanding access to off-limits military sites

Iran Threatens Ballistic Missile Strikes on American Forces, Can Hit ‘All U.S. Bases’.   Iran beefs up missile program as U.S. targets rocket research
11-1-17     Iran boasts its missiles can 'hit US forces in the region' 
"Our missiles' range is 2,000 kilometers [1,200 miles] and that can be increased, but we believe this range is enough, as most of the U.S. forces and most of their interests in the region are within this range," Revolutionary Guards commander says. 

11-1-17  Iran's hacking abilities constantly improving, IDF official says 
The Israeli military faces thousands of cyberattacks a day and many are orchestrated by Iran or its proxies, says IDF cyber division head Maj. Gen. Nadav Padan • Padan: As far as we know, nobody has been able to penetrate our operational systems. 

11-1-17   Iran relationship with al-Qaeda revealed in newly-released trove of bin Laden documents