Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Gov. Kay Ivey has in her hands the ability to alter for the better the very dangerous trajectories that our nation is now facing

POSTING NOTE: This letter was written by the father of one of the members of a  our  editorial board. Identification of the writer and of the recipient has been removed 

 This letter is being posted as an example of respectful conversation, directed to achieving a fair and reasonable solution to a situation   where  the actual truth  is unknowable the short run but can  probably be sorted out,  given due diligence and time for an adequate investigation..

Gov. Kay Ivey has in her hands the ability to alter for the better the very dangerous trajectories that our nation is now facing

I cannot overstate the importance of  the coming Alabama senatorial election to the well-being of the United States and of  the world

Currently Russia and Iran are on a drive to control the Middle East.

 North Korea is on a drive to obtain nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them which imperil Japan, the Philippines, South Korea and the United States mainland

China seeking economic and military expansion throughout the Far East.

And Iran and China are expanding their activities in South America. 

 This means that Gov. Kay Ivey has in her hands the ability to alter for the better the very dangerous trajectories that our nation is now facing.

  •         I  have read a lot about the Judge Moore case . Obviously, everything I read, Pro or con is hearsay. I have nothing to offer publicly on this matter, but you might find some of my thinking useful to you in formulating your own approach to Judge Roy Moore and the election in Alabama which will take place in approximately three weeks.

  • There is a lot of noise and talk about multiple accusers. Many deal with the accusation that he approached younger women. When I graduated high school in New York in 1948 several of the girls in my graduating class got married immediately after graduation. Their ages ranged from 16 to 18. One of the girls married a popular teacher who was a World War II veteran probably 10 to 12 years older than her. Since they kept their relationship away from the school and it was done with the parents knowledge there was no scandal or even question. From my days in the military in the South girls getting married at 15,16, 17, 18 was common.

  •          My personal situation is relevant to my observations. I met my wife when she was 17 years  + 3 weeks old. At that time I was 26 1/2 years old. I was a captain in the Army medical service. Previously I had been an infantry officer and an infantry enlisted man. I had my PhD and  had taught at a major university.

  •         We met on a train during a winter  snow storm. Her father, spotting my uniform, approached me for information concerning the train’s  schedule. Her mother then joined the conversation. Then the girl who was later to become my wife came over and her parents introduced us. We rode together for approximately 12 hours. She told me about her high school cheerleading and about her summer camp counselor experience. I told her bits and pieces about the Army.

  •          During the next three years we corresponded and [with her parents permission] we "dated" which consisted of dining together for about one week per year when I visited the city at which he attended college as  she completed her freshman, sophomore and junior years at college. 

  •          After about 21 days together [or three years, calendar time] I proposed and she accepted. We spoke to her parents that night and obtained their blessing. Now, we have been married for 56+ years, have three adult children and seven grandchildren. The oldest grandchild is 22 years old and studying for her PhD in psychology. Our youngest grandchild is seven years in elementary school.

  •          Also relevant is how the media uniformly treated these age differences as "true romance". For example when Charlie Chaplin married his fourth wife, Oona O’Neill in June 1943, this was the media account: “ Charlie Chaplin  at last found true happiness, and it seems they [Oona  and Charlie] both found their soul mates, despite the fact that Oona was only 18, and Charlie was 53. They met when Charlie Chaplin considered her for a part in an unmade film, Shadow and Substance (during 1942) and were inseparable from then on. She supported Charlie totally throughout a particularly harrowing court case in the 1940’s and when he was exiled from the U.S. in 1952. They eventually made their home in Switzerland. Together Oona and Charlie Chaplin had eight children (Geraldine, Michael, Josephine, Victoria, Eugene, Jane, Annette and Christopher).”

  •          You may remember the McMartin case. There the mantra was: "believe the children". There were many witnesses. Before the McMartin's were cleared they lost their business; they l lost their home. Their daughter had her teaching license stripped from her. Their son became unemployable. Simultaneously throughout the country many ministers and others in contact with youth were unjustly accused in a wave of hysteria.

  • As an advisor to [DELEATED ]Company corporate legal I advised [and they implemented] the following policy. Take all accusations seriously. Refer all accusations for a full and thorough investigation by an impartial outside law firm. If the accusations are upheld then be firm and uniform in applying punishment. If the accusations are deemed sincere but not provable, separate the parties.

  • Although today's mantra is" believe the women” approximately 50% of the accusations proved to be false. This includes several cases where there were multiple women with similar accusations and all appeared believable at first presentation.

  • Some were made as a result of a failed romantic relationship. Others were made when one of the parties, felt slighted, betrayed or deceived in terms of promotion and/or recognition.

  • The uniform quality was that the female accusers nearly all were "very believable". Thus, Sen. Graham or Mitch McConnell or any other legislator or columnist saying that he/she found the women believable is ridiculous.

  • Basically, the actual charges boil down to the words of two women.
    What is interesting is that neither woman has signed a sworn statement which would subject her to perjury if the statement is false.

  • Since this is obviously a political hit job, it should not be rewarded. Also, if the charges are true then judge Roy Moore should not serve in the Senate. However, there is much that is riding on the political makeup of the Senate. This includes vital issues like North Korea, Syria, Iran, etc. The importance of these issues far exceed the "moral issues" associated with any individual. I believe that the best outcome would be achieved as follows:

  • Vote for Roy Moore.

  • Continue with a thorough investigation

  • Have Gov. Ivey appoint an impartial group to hear the evidence and make a determination that would be binding on Judge Moore.
    Have Judge Moore sign a legal commitment to step down if he is found guilty of either of the two main accusations against him. Then the governor of Alabama will appoint a suitable replacement. If Judge Moore is cleared then an obvious political hit job will not be rewarded. [This would speed up the process and make it transparent.]

  • To continue the investigation Leigh Corfman would be required to file a sworn statement and be subject to cross-examination on the details both by the state authorities and by judge Moore’s legal representation. Included would be all past actions of the complainant making complaints against others. The various legal documents she has sworn to and her divorces and bankruptcies. Etc.

  • What has been reported widely is that the complainant had at that approximate age drug and sex problems. Also what has been reported widely is that the complainant has history of making similar complaints against various clergymen. Also reported is that certain details of the complainant’s story such as the judge reaching her in her bedroom by telephone have been proven false.

  • Beverly Young Nelson’s is a more difficult case. Here is a case of really "she said". The yearbook signature should be turned over immediately for expert examination. If it is not Roy Moore's actual inscription then the second case is loses most of its credibility. If it is Judge Roy Moore's actual original signature it damages Judge Moore's credibility but it is not conclusive in regard to the allegations.

  •       The second idea for Governor Ivey  to consider,  which is  under Gov. Ivy’s complete control is the following:

  •        Have Sen. Luther Strange resign his seat immediately. The governor could then cancel the election and call for a new election while she makes an interim appointment to fill the unexpired portion (few weeks) remaining in the term. This would give her, the citizens of Alabama, and the nation time to respond to  the Washington Post’s  imposed crisis that has been thrust upon her state and the nation in an attempt to thwart the will of the citizens of Alabama.

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