Friday, June 23, 2017


By Rabbi Dov Fischer 6-23-17

What?  Karen Handel beat that Democrat in the race for Sixth Congressional District in Georgia ?

How could that be?  How could that posssibly be?  Five straight Republican Congressional wins in races against Democrats?

Didn’t the voters in Georgia know that Chuck Schumer believes that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to win the 2016 Presidential election against Hillary Clinton?

Looks like no one really cares.  And looks like Americans see through the nonsense and the enormous waste of our taxes and national resources.

Didn’t the voters know that Michael Flynn was forced to resign months ago because he had not been square with Vice President Mike Pence when asked whether he had spoken with Russian government representatives before President Trump took office?

Didn’t the voters benefit from $50 million spent, much from outside the District, to educate them that The Resistance is ready?

Didn’t the voters know that Congress has been holding hearings to find out whether anyone in the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians?

Didn’t the voters know that Attorney General Jeff Sessions felt he had to recuse himself from investigating collusion charges because there were other charges floating that he himself had spoken to a Russian ambassador in the United States?

Haven’t the voters seen Attorney General Sessions being grilled on television by Democratic Party United States Senators?

Looks like no one really cares.  And looks like Americans see through the nonsense and the enormous waste of out taxes and national resources.

Didn’t the voters know that James Comey now is a favorite of Democrats, as the former FBI Director testified with all sorts of innuendoes against President Trump and his supporters?

Don’t the voters know that there now is a Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, looking into all sorts of things concerning the Trump White House, or whatever?

Didn’t the voters know that Kellyanne Conway once jokingly told the public from the White House that she endorses Ivanka Trump clothing products?

Didn’t the voters know that President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has done business with Russians?

Don’t the voters know that the Trump White House regularly is lampooned by “Saturday Night Live” and Stephen Colbert?

Looks like no one really cares.  And looks like Americans see through the nonsense and the enormous waste of out taxes and national resources.

From the day that we elected President Donald Trump over a self-obsessed, power-driven, and lying former First Lady and miserably incompetent former Secretary of State who shattered our national foreign footprint rather than any glass ceilings, whose contributions to American leadership included a failed healthcare program that she fatally convinced her husband to promote until its doom, and later a failed series of foreign policy disasters that she helped convince the empty-suit who beat her for the Presidency in 2008 to pursue until others encountered doom, the media and the Democrats have not given Donald Trump a day of fairness.  Not a day, not a single 24-hour period, to simply pursue his vision for a greater America.

Despite that nearly unprecedented attack and five months of their anti-Trump vitriol and investigations and rumors and leaks and even hints of impeachment, this president has continued to lead.  In only five months, he has straightened out the United States Supreme Court by naming one of the finest jurists of our generation, someone so impeccable that Democrats could not dent Neil Gorsuch’s armor even as Republicans marveled at his fidelity to the Constitution and to the Framers’ vision, to fill out the Court.  And the president has begun proceeding to name judges to the 129 other open federal judicial seats that can straighten out the federal district courts that conduct trials and the federal appellate courts that ultimately settle most of America’s laws.

Notwithstanding a five-month war of hate against a fundamemntally good man, with a fundamentally good heart and a vision to make this country great again, to repair the extraordinary damage to America’s foreign and world leadership posture, while fixing all that ails us at home, the president has moved, as quickly as his opponents could be sidestepped, to fulfill one important campaign promise after another.  He has approved the Keystone XL pipeline.  He has issued executive orders reversing a universe of Obama regulations that had handcuffed the American economy, suffocated business, and stifled the American labor force.  He has begun liberating America’s own natural sources of energy from decades of Democrat regulation that gave the Saudis and Kuwaitis and Venezuelans and so many other hostile countries that are not our friends and that mean us no good – and that do not care a whit about the environment, nor impose any meaningful environmental oversight on oil and gas extraction in  their countries – and he has opened new doors for the development and extraction and production of American energy, American oil, American natural gas, American clean coal.

He has opened bidding by inviting submissions for building a wall on our Southern border with Mexico, and his mere strength of presence has resulted in an unprecedented reduction in illegal crossings into our country from across that border.  No wall – just a real president, with a real Attorney General, and a real Justice Department and a real Homeland Security team ready to enforce the laws already on America’s books – and illegal immigration has dropped like an Acme anvil in a Warner Brothers cartoon.  Real ICE raids that finally have given law enforcement confidence and belief that the people whom they round up actually will be deported, not just set free in exchange for a blatantly false promise to appear months later at a court hearing that everyone would know would never happen.

Under brutal non-stop attack from Schumer and Pelosi and their shills at CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the entire left-wing apparatus – an attack so brutal that it has extended to the worst calumny and defamation, lies and libel and slander that go just to the limits of “New York Times malice,” even to portrayals of suggested assassination in New York theatrical productions – this President has forged new relationships overseas.  Our real friends – nations like England and Japan and and Israel – no longer are the pinatas for an Obama-Clinton-Kerry foreign policy.  Other friends – nations like Germany and France – have had to get used to a new playing field where, although the friendship and allegiances remain as strong as ever, now they and their cohorts have to pay their fair share of the bills, put up their fair share of the blood and sweat, and understand that they no longer have a kneeling, prostrating, apologizing “rock star” to tickle but a real American president to deal with.  So maybe President Trump is not as popular with the Europeans as Obama was.  Maybe they do not like when he asks them to pay the bills they have contracted to pay, and maybe they do not like when he tells them that he will not march America down Obama’s ridiculous and nonsensical dance to tie the hands of American power and industry to some blindsided environmental agreements.  So our president is not as popular with the Europeans as was Obama.  And America is not as popular.  Well, we voters are not Europeans, and he is popular with us.

But when the Russians over whom those Democrats now obsess – but whom Obama always considered irrelevant as he and his Hillary Re-set gave Vladimir Putin the Crimea, part of Ukraine, and a new foothold in the Middle East – threaten European sovereignty, to whom will those Angela Merkels and Emmanuel Macrons silently give thanks and beg for protection?  They will give thanks that Trump is in the White House leading the Western alliance and the resolve of freedom, rather than an Obama who responded to the rise of ISIS by joking that they merely were a junior varsity and to the terrorist massacres in Paris by sending John Kerry and James Taylor abroad to ride bicycles and sing “You’ve Got a Friend.”

The voters in Georgia knew that their prior President went to Castro’s Cuba, where he danced the salsa in front of a cutthroat while others were being murdered in Europe.  A president who genuflected and bent the head and knee for Arab oil sheiks.  A president who led from behind in Benghazi, even as American heroes and patriots died and Hillary thereafter lied to their families and the American people while secretly admitting to her daughter that our finest had been murdered by Arab Islamists on a 9-11 attack and not by a YouTube video that almost no one saw.

Those Georgia voters knew that, for the past five months, they instead have had a president who is reversing Obama’s Cuba policies at breathtaking speed, restoring America’s commitment to freedom and human rights in the Western hemisphere.  A President who has traveled to Saudi Arabia, met with Arab world leaders, and proved that America can have strategic alliances even with countries that do not share our values, but on our terms.  We set the terms for such alliances.  We – not they – make clear where we will compromise for our strategic purposes and where we will not bend.  Unlike Obama, who began his presidency by traveling to Cairo and begging the Arab world for forgiveness – and who was repaid for his sycophancy with eight years of ISIS and Benghazi and a complete breakdown of all that our armed forces finally had achieved during the Surge in Iraq – this President went to the Arab world, challenging them to join us in fighting Arab Islamic terror, making no apologies nor excuses for maintaining a deep friendship with Israel as an ally of truly shared values – and still emerged with standing ovations and respect.  Because people overseas respect American strength, and they longed for it after eight years of a pretender who was in way over his head, though he crooned with Jay-Z and always was cheered on by an adoring and adulating media who experienceds thrills in their legs and brain freezes as he tore down so much of what made us great.

The Democrats spent an unholy fortune in Georgia these past several months, seeking to wrest that House seat from the Republicans, just as they have tried in Kansas and Montana and South Carolina.  The political obituaries for President Trump already had been written for the night that Democrat Jon Ossoff had beaten the Republican, ready for publication as soon as that Bernie Sanders leftist would win the House seat that had been in GOP hands.  If ever the Devil went down to Georgia, it was during the parade of American leftist media camping out to tell a story of the demise of the Trump Presidency, the end of the Republican Congress, the return of the Weak.  Maxine Waters surely had the Bills of Impeachment ready, perhaps delayed only because still working on spelling the harder words like “Bill” and “of.”  Nancy Pelosi surely was being prepared with extra Vitamin B12 to get on the rostrum and try to generate five or ten minutes of quasi-coherence, describing the great new Democrat wave.

But, instead, the Republican won.  Again.  After five months of the media telling us that Americans are tired of Trump, regret Trump, care all about James Comey and investigating Attorney-General Sessions and investigating Jared Kushner and investigating Mike Flynn and investigating Donald Trump, it turns out that American voters do not care a whit about all that Washington Insider nonsense.

Americans want jobs.  Americans want a federal judiciary that represents our values.  Americans want European initiatives to remain in Europe, and we want them to pay their promised bills, just as each of us does every day in our own lives.  Americans want clean oil and gas and coal that comes from our shores, that employs our citizens, and that keeps those assets at home, instead of importing foreign energy and paying tyrants for the privilege to send them our money in return for their truly dirty resources.  We want lower taxes, an end to Obamacare, an America where we can keep our doctors once again and pay only for the health coverage options we want.  We do not want to pay for Sandra Fluke’s condoms until she pays for our acetaminophen and ibuprofen and Band-aids.  We do not want to fund Planned Parenthood’s abortions, only their family planning and social counseling.  We want criminals who are not rightly in America to be thrown out of this country.  We want no part of international trade agreements that worry about every other country but our own, nor any part of environmental accords that choke off our industries while allowing China and India and the rest of the world to pollute without compunction.  We do not mind working with China, and delaying calling them on currency manipulation and trade violations, if they truly come through tit-for-tat in managing that maniac in North Korea.  And if they fail us, there is time to call them on currency manipulation and to change the rules of international trade to be fair again.  We are done with free trade agreements that do not protect our workers and Trans-Pacific deals that sell out our interests to curry favor with those who do not care about our interests.

In short, no one who previously has supported President Trump really cares about all the nonsense that consumes the Washington Beltway.  We see through the nonsense and the enormous waste of our taxes and national resources, with one bogus investigation after another.  We just want the Congress – and particularly the Republicans whom we elected to work with President Trump –  to do what we sent them there to do: lower taxes, repeal and replace Obamacare, get the Southern border under control, reverse the Obama era regulations, liberate American energy, maintain a strong world footprint fostering strength and power without sending our boys into new military adventures that we have no business wasting our resources over.  Get the government working for us, start rebuilding the American infrastructure that Democrats and Republicans have allowed to decay while wasting decades building bridges to nowhere and conducting endless investigations over things we do not care about.