Friday, December 30, 2016


1.     John Kerry has insulted  and damaged the entire Christian community. 

John Kerry has denied the complete Jesus narrative and all of  Jesus’ ties to the  JewishTemple and to Jerusalem.

John Kerry advocates the abandonment of all Christian religious sites now protected by the Israelis to Islamic fundamentalists. These fundamentalists have  clearly demonstrated  a history of destroying Christian religious sites and   of slaughtering Christians. And this at Christmas the holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

2.     John Kerry has demonstrated to every nation in the world that the word of the United States government is worthless.

John Kerry has insulted all the military and civilian representatives of the United States government who have negotiated  to obtain concessions  from Israel  and in exchange have made binding commitments  to  Israel in behalf of the US government. John Kerry’s actions have made it clear to every country in the world that the word of the US government is worthless. [Ukraine and duty  are 2 previous examples where the United States turned its back on its firm promises.]

Statement by military negotiators involved with Lebanon/Hezbollah:

“ Our oath of loyalty is to the United States of America.

There is no easy way to say this.

 On Friday, December 23, 2016, the Obama administration knowingly and intentionally betrayed the state of Israel by not vetoing resolution 2334 at the Security Council of the United Nations.

 The United States reneged upon the the many explicit assurances that were given to Israel by authorized US representatives to obtain very explicit Israeli actions. Since many of us were directly involved in these arrangements  and made our representations to Israel in good faith while acting for  the United States government, we can only express our concern and remorse.”

3.     Ben Rhodes:self-confessed spin master who orchestrated the selling of the Iranian nuclear deal and with Robert Malley and Valerie Jarrett orchestrated the UN resolution condemning Israel.

Rhodes,  Obama and Kerry  declared that the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem[ which had been Jewish for hundreds of years until the Jordanian army,  equipped by the British and  commanded by British officers occupied  the Jewish quarter , murdered or expelled  all of the Jewish civilians that had been living there for generations , destroyed all of  the synagogues, and tried to eliminate all remaining traces of the Jewish existence]  Is now considered by them and by the  UN Security Council to be  “occupied Palestinian territory”.and this at Hanukkah the Jewish holiday that celebrates the recovery of the Jewish Temple.

Rhodes lied and bragged   to the New York Times about how  he  had  intentionally  Congress and the American public  on Obamacare by creating “an echo chamber sycophants  in the media variously tanks to which he fed  focus group tested known lies and distortions

 The Obama administration, and a media campaign orchestrated by Ben Rhodes is now publicly denying the firm assurances that the United States gave Israel  when the United States demanded that Israel cease-fire  against the aggressor Hezbollah and later  against the aggressor Hamas after they initiated attacks against Israel. 

4.    Sample  of  Leading US Jewish Groups…. Slam Kerry’s Speech; AIPAC Calls It ‘Failed Attempt to Defend the Indefensible’

Secretary of State John Kerry’s Wednesday speech on the Israel-Palestinian peace process was “a failed attempt to defend the indefensible,” a leading US pro-Israel group said.
Contrary to Kerry’s claims, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) said, the anti-settlement UN Security Council resolution that “the administration unconscionably failed to block [last week] was unfair, unbalanced and represented a profound departure from the policies of previous Democratic and Republican administrations for nearly the past forty years.”

Furthemore, AIPAC noted, “Secretary Kerry placed overwhelming, disproportionate blame for the failure to advance peace on our ally, Israel, while neglecting numerous Israeli peace offers and Palestinian refusal to resume direct talks.”

AIPAC went on to urge Congress and the incoming Trump administration to “renounce the recent action taken by this administration and to begin the work of repairing the damage done to the cause of peace and the US-Israel relationship.”

Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper — the dean and associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center – stated, “It is unprecedented for an outgoing administration to make such a draconian foreign policy shift — while simultaneously packing their boxes to leave Washington. Secretary Kerry makes it sound like it’s the apartments and kindergartens built in Jewish communities on the West Bank that are the main impediment to a two-state solution, when he and those diplomats who voted for UNSC 2334 know that it is Palestinian terrorism, and the continued control of Gaza and the largest portion of the Palestinian population by terrorist Hamas that is the main roadblock to a true peace.”
“Get rid of Hamas, its terror tunnels, tens of thousands of rockets aimed at the Israeli heartland, get rid of the genocidal hate brainwashing Palestinian children and the world will see a two state solution rapidly become a reality,” Hier and Cooper continued.

Morton A. Klein — national president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) — said in a statement that Kerry’s address was “filled with anti-Israel vitriol and falsehoods” and “essentially was a proposal for a Hamas-Fatah-Iranian-Palestinian-Arab terrorist state, which divides Jerusalem in two, forcibly evicts Jews from their homeland, and requires Israel’s retreat to indefensible borders.”
Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks stated, “By claiming this speech is a framework for peace in the Middle East, President [Barack] Obama and John Kerry are playing the Jewish community for fools. Their recent actions at the United Nations did nothing more than allow President Obama to take a parting shot at Israel and Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu, while at the same time creating new roadblocks to peace. True peace in the region cannot be achieved by isolating Israel in the international community, but rather can only be achieved through direct negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians.”

In a statement, B’nai B’rith International said, “Kerry’s speech, at times suggesting equivalence between the Israelis and Palestinians, neglected to describe all the ways in which the US-Israel alliance is deeply in America’s national interest. We regret that the final weeks of the current administration have been overshadowed by unnecessary strain in this relationship, and urge that no further action be taken to weaken it, whether at an upcoming political conference in Paris or at the UN in New York.”

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt said in a statement, “While we appreciate Secretary Kerry’s concern about policies and dynamics that may jeopardize the path to a two-state solution, we are deeply disappointed by elements of his speech and cannot separate it from the US abstention at the UN Security Council. Despite Secretary Kerry’s explanation, the US abstention has the potential to set in motion many initiatives that delegitimize and demonize Israel, rather than advancing the peace process.”