Sunday, October 9, 2016

TRUMP VS CLINTON ...   THE BIG PICTURE..The survival of the United States in a difficult and often hostile world:
The Supreme Court; building up a strong military; supporting Israel; countering an expansionist Russia; controlling and limiting China in the Pacific; curtailing a nuclear North Korea; limiting an increasingly dangerous Iran; defeating Islamist terror organizations to prevent further attacks on the US homeland, etc. etc.

 The media  generated hysteria  over some raunchy remarks that Donald Trump made in a brief (less than two minutes) conversation more than 10 years ago, is  cloaking ominous developments  that are very dangerous to the United States and to the entire world.

1. The Obama administration has quietly   lifted additional   sanctions against Iran to better permit  Iran to conduct business in the world market. 

 Russia, China ,India are all rushing in to make sales to the newly affluent  Iran. Even Japan has begun cutting deals with Iran on nuclear materials. Western Europe has been banging down Iran’s door. Germany, for instance, has been courting Iran at every turn. German Minister of Economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel was just in Teheran" to build economic bridges that would benefit both countries." Iran made it very clear to Germany that Iran is in charge. They will not change their policies. They want Germany’s  money but not  their advice.

2. Tension between the U.S. and Russia is at its highest point since the Cold War.

 United States and Russia have terminated the cooperation in Syria. The Russians have moved  advanced air  defense missiles  into Syria.  Since ISIS  has no    airborne capabilities this move constrains the United States and Israeli operations [up to now both have had free access to Syrian airspace].

Russia suspended their nuclear pact with the U.S. [10-3-16 Putin announced his decision to withdraw from the “landmark” US-Russia security pact which requires the disposal of plutonium - an essential ingredient in the making of nuclear weapons].

Civil defense authorities in Russia have just concluded a four-day  nation-wide drill( preparing citizens for the possibility of nuclear war). The exercise began on Tuesday and involved 40 million people across the country, including 200,000 rescue workers and just under 50,000 vehicles. 

 The foreign observers with whom I communicate  are perplexed. Several  believe that it is a conspiracy of the establishment to get  Donald Trump out of the way.

 One  singles out the   hypocrisy of the media.
 It seems like they are trying to use this disclosure to get rid of him.When Bill Maher called Sara Palin a cunt and a twat everyone in the audience laughed. The same when he called her teenage daughter a slut. And that was on public television.Trump's remarks were in a private conversation yet Clinton,the media and the  Republican establishment is trying to crucify him for it.
 A second sent me a  link of Bill Clinton groping an airline stewardess .He pointed out to me that Bill Clinton is still a representative of Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail without any objection from the media. [Included  in that collection, were numerous links-some relevant, some less irrelevant, all negative to Hillary Clinton.]

 When it comes to sex Donald Trump's words and Bill Clinton is public actions. See the videos below:
VIDEO SURFACES=> Bill Clinton Gropes Stewardess on Plane With Cameras Rolling
Jim Hoft Oct 4th, 2016 10:24 pm
Here’s a video posted on The Donald Reddit earlier on Tuesday of Bill Clinton putting his hand in between the legs of a flight attendant or campaign assistant. The woman then removes Bill’s hand. ******

 A third  send me the link of Bill Clinton announcing absolute success in concluding a deal with North Korea which would permanently prevent them from acquiring ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons and urged that I compare it to the Donald Trump tape and determine which was the worse offense.

Bill Clinton on Virtues of North Korean Nuclear Deal - History Repeats Itself 
TRUMP:   1:57 minutes of locker room braggadocio and vulgarity. 


HILLARY:    “ Hillary Clinton insisted that she sent no classified information on that server, that she had surrendered any work-related emails to the State Department, that she was never subpoenaed by House investigators, and that nothing she did was explicitly forbidden—ALL LIES. And now, it’s exposed that the White House, State, and possibly even the press were involved at the very earliest stages in mitigating the damage this scandal could do to Clinton’s political prospects.”

TRUMP:   1:57 minutes of locker room braggadocio and vulgarity.

Make your own evaluation free of the hypocrisy of the media (especially CBS whose news division is run by Ben Rhodes brother) which covered up —in collusion with the State Department and the White House— Hillary Clinton's misstatements concerning her mishandling of classified information.

 A fourth sent me this analysis :Does Putin favor Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the forthcoming election?  on reflection the answer is  very clear:  Answer:Definitely Hillary Clinton.

From actual Clinton actions including :the acceptance (by Obama and Clinton) of Putin’s aggressive intervention  in Ukraine; the Iranian deal which permits Russia to sell advanced weaponry to Iran and receive hard currency (furnished by the United States); the strategy of co-opting with Russia and bringing Russia into the Middle East as a major player (as discussed in Obama’s Syria Policy Striptease Tony Badran The Tablet September 21, 2016 ) it is clear that Putin P had sufficient first-hand experience with Hillary Clinton to believe that the parameters and trendiness established by Barack Obama will continue under a Clinton administration. . On the other hand ,Donald Trump is an unknown quantity who might actually follow the advice provided by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

 A  fifth sent me this package  and urged a thorough review:

I suggest that you review the following videotapes which will give you a brief tour of Hillary Clinton's disastrous "experience".

1.     Bill Clinton on Virtues of North Korean Nuclear Deal - History Repeats Itself

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