Monday, October 24, 2016

Putin strongly favors Hillary Clinton in the coming election.

Putin  is  a cold-blooded, self-enriching opportunistic  bully.[ An unrepentant KGB agent].  He is ruthless, with a record of murdering critics and opponents.  His goal is to expand Russia’s control over the old Soviet republics and Eastern Europe, disband NATO  and to become an influential power in the Middle East.

The  sole obstacle  to a world led by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, Iran, ISIS, China, and North Korea is the deterrent ability of the United States.

Putin holds both  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in  low regard.

 Contrary to  claims emanating from the Obama administration and from the Clinton campaign ,  Putin strongly favors Hillary Clinton in the coming election.

Most important to Putin  is the  very favorable political and  economic outcomes to Russia that would occur from Hillary Clinton’s expected actions relating to fracking.

Hillary Clinton would   vastly curtail fracking, either, by direct prohibition or through moratoriums; geographic area limitations; regulations; etc

  [Fracking is an important innovation in oil and gas extraction. It  has helped  America  make great strides  toward   becoming energy-sufficient[U.S. Now Has Largest Oil Reserves in the World, Thanks to Fracking July 7, 2016 by Jake Green ] 
This would  give  Putin a vast increase in the value of Russia’s petroleum reserves  and 
petroleum exports. It would restore Russia’s  previous  political and economic lock on  East Europe’s  energy supplies.[ It would  also give  Iran  greatly increased petroleum income to finance its extensive terror and penetration operations throughout the world.]

A second reason is Putin’s belief, [based on many years of   observation of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry]  that a  Hillary  Clinton administration would continue the parameters and trend lines  established by Barack Obama .


 a. Bill Clinton:  announcing  complete success of  his negotiations with North Korea…  North Korea will  abandon their quest for nuclear weapons  and completely demolish their nuclear development infrastructure.
“Resolution of the North Korean nuclear threat” [William J, Clinton
…. ]

b.  Barack Obama ; Hillary Clinton ;  John Kerry:

The Obama administration has pulled back in every confrontation with Putin’s Russia.  Putin has seen this US  pattern and has resolved to remain the first mover, not expecting much American pushback except in words.

Obama’s  rebuke  to Romney during debate (Obama to Romney:”……you know, the Cold War’s been over for 20 years,”

 Obama’s open microphone (Tell   Vladimir  “that after my  election I have more flexibility”]

Clinton’s “re-set button”   ;

Acceptance  of Putin’s aggressive intervention  in Ukraine; 

 Iranian nuclear deal which permits Russia to sell advanced weaponry to Iran and receive hard currency (furnished by the United States); Strategy of  bringing Russia into the Middle East as a major player (as discussed in Obama’s Syria Policy Striptease Tony Badran The Tablet September 21, 2016 ) .

 Obama’s White House has cut  the military “out of the loop”in key international  and military decisions [testimony of Secretary of  Defense  Ash Carter and the Joint Chiefs of  Staff…]

 Donald Trump is an unknown quantity. So far, Trump has surrounded himself with military and intelligence advisors that are highly regarded by the American military and intelligence communities.  Voter support for Trump in both communities is high. Trump appears to have superior knowledge relating to the impacts of Hillary Clinton’s energy policies on the US economy , on Russia,  and on Iran. Trump  will not be the detailed oriented model of Jimmy Carter. He will not be the “I am the commander-in-chief” model of Barack Obama. It is expected that Trump will operate in the manner of a “Chairman of the Board”. Trump is unfamiliar with the interworking’s of the Washington political bureaucracy.  Thus, an evaluation will have to be postponed until Trump’s key appointees and their subordinates are identified.