Wednesday, September 9, 2015

In response to Congressman Adam Schiff: “Congress should strengthen Iran deal, not reject it”, published on August 30, 2015

Rep. Adam Schiff Schiff  is the ranking Democratic party member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.Hence he would have had full access to all the information  presented in this article.

Recently, in a press release issued by Representative Schiff' and in a  widely distributed published article, Rep. Schiff stated  that his acceptance of the JCPOA  was based on: “ America’s unilateral ability to snap back the whole range of sanctions in the event of Iranian noncompliance, and the intrusive nature of inspections into Iran. 

These are exactly the same assurances that president Obama gave to the American public  to obtain the public's acquiescence of the JCPOA.  

These are the same assurances that were given by Pres. Clinton....  that the North Koreans had abandoned their nuclear weapons  development efforts, and if they cheated ,the US would detect their cheating in time to take effective action.[North Korea cheated. US intelligence missed the signs of their cheating . Then, North Korea detonated nuclear weapons, much to the "surprise" of the US administration.]

 These are the same assurances that were given by Sec.Kerry and by Pres. Obama concerning the Syrian chemical weapons “turn in”. The White House  claimed that this program had been  100% successful and that any cheating would be detected. {Now it is known that Syria cheated; the inspectors confess they were" hoodwinked”; and Syria is again using chemical weapons against its  population,}

 Developments on the ground are already demonstrating that Rep. Schiff's  representations to the American public are false and misleading.

Concerning “intrusive search”. According to the   “robust” inspection protocols,  any area or facility   that the Iranian's unilaterally designate as “military” is entirely off-limits to inspection. [All or nearly all nuclear, missile, etc. research is performed in military installations.] 

Inspectors will not be allowed to have any  access to any scientists and/or administrators in the programs. [Interviewing scientists and administrators is a prime method of detecting what actually is being researched and developed.}

Restrictions on  Iran do not constrain any theoretical work involving modeling, computers etc.; do not constrain advances in centrifuge technology; do not constrain research in fusing, packaging, guidance, integration, etc.

While the Iranian imposed restriction that no American or Canadian nationals will be permitted to participate as inspectors has been widely reported, there are other restrictions that are less well known. All inspectors must come from countries that have good relations with Iran (as defined by Iran);  all inspectors, before being admitted to Iran, must be thoroughly investigated and approved by Iranian intelligence. [This  subjects the inspectors to blackmail, and worse to intimidation
 The system is structured so that it is virtually impossible to have sanctions “snap back” or even for them to be reinstated over time. If cheating is detected and   deemed to be significant enough for action, a commission will review the evidence. The commission includes Russia, Iran and China. The European Union representative has been an active communist for many years. All actions must be taken on the basis of “consensus”. If sanctions “snap back” is proposed , then  the commission must agree and Iran then has the right to completely withdraw from all of its “agreed-upon” obligations.

The Iranians are already cheating.  They have publicly announced that they do not plan to abide by certain key provisions in the JCPOA. . {See":Rouhani Vows to Breach Iran Deal with Missile Sales"  ;Iranian President Says Nuclear Deal a “does not commit Iran"  } The commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Force, Major General Qassem Suleimani, has already met with Putin, in open defiance of the agreement and the sanctions, to discuss Russian operations in Syria and Russian sales of weapons to Iran. In addition to the Russian deals, which violate the agreement, Chinese sales of advanced weapons and aircraft have also been announced.
More important is what has Representative Schiff  has not shared with us. . More than 400 retired admirals and generals (including many former Chiefs of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) and more than two thirds of defense and intelligence professionals believe that the  JCPOA unleashes dangerous threats to the United States.It:

 *   Exposes the East coast of the US {New York, Washington and Boston to the direct threat  a nuclear attack and  the entire US to the direct threat of an  EMP attack.

*    Gives Putin and Russia the free hand they have been seeking to dominate Eastern Europe{Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Georgia and a major position relative to Poland}  and opens up Syria as a base of  operations in the Middle East

*     Allows Iran to expand the scope and depth  of its entire  global terror operations including  expanding its currently  active penetration and  terror networks in Central and South America.

Thus, those supporting the JCPOA are also accepting Iran's  increased  terror operations to kill Americans everywhere in the world; expanding the ability of Russia to dominate Eastern Europe and penetrate the Middle East;  and enabling Iran to continue the development of their missiles and their EMP capabilities which could devastate the United States.