Friday, August 21, 2015


Post one chunk at a time to Rob Eshman's column, any home page column where writer says deal is good. Any place else there are persuadable eyeballs reading on line. ___________________________________________________________________

1) Iran has "self inspection" privileges, Obama caved on his promised anytime/anywhere inspections completely.
8-20-15  Iran's Secret Self Inspections.  IAEA will not have access to the notorious Parchin military site.
8-21-15  Full text of Iran-IAEA agreement show how "inspections" part of ObamaDeal is a complete farce.  

2) Iran is already cheating on "deal".
8-20-15  Iran is already in violation of nuke deal

3) Khameini writes in his new book he is out to destroy USA. voting for this deal in unpatriotic
8-4-15  Has Obama read Khamenei's new book?  

4)The billions in sanctions relief dollars will be used for terror and every other aspect of regimes nefarious objectives as Khameini describes in his book - including developing missiles that can reach USA. Voting for ObamaDeal is un-American.