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Arab-Israel Conflict - Forgotten Facts! - Intro1
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The term "Palestinian" is itself a masterful twisting of history. To portray themselves as indigenous, Arab settlers adopted the name of an ancient Mediterranean tribe, the Philistines ("Invaders" in Hebrew), that disappeared out over almost 3000 years ago. The connection between this tribe and modern day Arabs is nil. Romans, in order to conceal their shame and anger with rebellious regions, changed the references to Judea and Samaria by naming themPalestine.
1. Nationhood and Jerusalem - Israel became a nation inthe 14th century BCE. Two thousand years before the rise of Islam.
2. Since 1272 BCE the Jews have had dominion over the land for up to 1,000 years with a continuous Jewish presence in the land for the past 3,300 years.
3. The only Arab dominion since the Arab invasion andconquest in 635 C.E. lasted no more than 22 years.
4. King David founded the city of Jerusalem . Mohammed never came to Jerusalem.
5. For over 3,000 years, Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital. Jerusalem has never been the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Even when the Jordanians occupiedJerusalem, they never sought to make it their capital and Arab leaders did not come to visit.
6. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in Tanach, the Jewish Holy Scriptures. Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Koran.
7. Jews pray facing Jerusalem . Muslims pray facing Mecca(often with their backs toward Jerusalem ).
8. In 1854, according to a report in the New York Tribune, Jews constituted two-thirds of the population of that holy city. (The source: A journalist on assignment in the Middle East that year for the Tribune. His name was Karl Marx. Yes, that Karl Marx.)
9. In 1867, Mark Twain took a tour of Palestine . This is how he described that land: A desolate country whose soil is rich enough but is given over wholly to weeds. A silent, mournful expanse. We never saw a human.
10. In 1882, official Ottoman Turk census figures showed that, in the entire Land of Israel, there were only 141 000 Muslims, both Arab and non-Arab.
11. A travel guide to Palestine and Syria was published in 1906 by Karl Baedeker; The book estimated the total population of Jerusalem at 60,000, of whom 7,000 were Muslims, 13,000 were Christians and 40,000 were Jews.
12. As the Jews came and drained the swamps and made the deserts bloom, Arabs followed. They came for jobs, for prosperity, for freedom. And, they came in large numbers.
13. In 1922, with what was widely acknowledged as the illegal attempt to separate Trans-Jordan - East side of the Jordan river, the Jews were forbidden to settle on almost 77% of the Palestine, while Arab settlement went unrestricted and encouraged by British mandatory authority.
14. Prior to the Second World War Mojli Amin, a member of the Arab Defense Committee for Palestine , proposed the idea "that all the Arabs of Palestine will leave and be divided up amongst the neighboring Arab countries. In exchange for this, all the Jews living in Arab countries will leave and come to Palestine ."
15. Did you know that Saudi Arabia was not created until 1913, Lebanon until 1920? Iraq did not exist as a nation until 1932, Syria until 1941; the borders of Jordan were established in 1946, violation Articles of the Palestinian Mandate, and Kuwait in 1961. Any of these nations that would say Israel is only a recent arrival would have to deny their own rights as recent arrivals as well. They did not exist as countries. They were all under the control of the Turks. Over 80% of the original British Mandate land was given to Arabs without population transfer of Arabs from the land designated for Jews.
16. In 1947, the Jewish state huddled on 18% of the original British Mandate land. The Jews accepted it gratefully. The Arabs rejected it with a vengeance and seven Arab states immediately declared war against Israel.
17. In 1948, the Arab refugees were encouraged to leaveIsrael by Arab leaders promising to purge the land of Jews . Most of them left in fear of being killed by their own Arab brothers as traitors.
18. Some 850,000  Jewish refugees were forced to flee from Arab countries, due to Arab brutality, persecution and pogroms.
19. The number of Arab refugees who left Israel in 1948 is claimed to be around 630,000 (where did they get this number?). Based on population census, estimated number of Arabs who left Israel was around 460,000. They were ordered to leave by Arab leaders at the time.
20. From 1948 till 1967 Arabs made no attempt to create a Palestinian state. Under Jordanian rule, Jewish holy sites were desecrated58 synagogues in Jerusalem were destroyed and the Jews and Christians were denied access to places of worship. Under Israeli rule, all Muslim and Christian sites have been preserved and made accessible to people of all faiths.
21. Arabs began identifying themselves as part of aPalestinian people in 1964 only , on the initiative of Egyptian-born Yasser Arafat. The idea became popular Arab propaganda tool after Israel re-captured Judea ,Samaria and Gaza in the defensive 6-Day War of 1967.
22. Out of the 100,000,000 refugees since World War II, Arab-Palestinians are the only refugee group in the world that has never been absorbed or integrated into their own peoples' lands. Jewish refugees were completely absorbed into Israel.
23. Arab refugees INTENTIONALLY were not absorbed or integrated by the rich Arab oil states that control 99.9 percent of the Middle East landmass. They are kept as virtual prisoners by the Arab power brokers with misplaced hatred for Jews and Western democracy.
24. There is only one Jewish state. There are 60 Muslim countries, including 22 Arab nations.
25. The PLO's Charter still calls for the destruction of the State of Israel.
26. Pan-Arabism or the doctrine of Muslim Caliphate declares that all land that used to belong to Muslims must be returned to them. Thus, Spain , for example, must eventually be re-conquered.
Ethnic Make Up of 'Palestinians'.
Extracts from: Bosnia - Motherland of "Palestinians" by Manfred R. Lehmann and"Palestinians 'Peoplehood' Based on a Big Lie" by Eli E. Hertz.
Arab Palestinian nationality (which was officially forged in 1964) is an entity defined by its opposition to Zionism (the Jewish national liberation movement) and not by its national aspirations.
Like a mantra, Arabs repeatedly claim that the Palestinians are a native people of Israel . The concept of a 'Stateless Palestinian people' is not based on fact. It is a fabrication! The following is a chronology of an ethnic make up of so-called Palestinians and their origin.
During Ottoman Empire.
Until the Jews began returning to the Land of Israel in increasing numbers from the late 19th century, the area called Palestine was a God-forsaken backwash that was controlled by the Ottoman Empire.
1880-84 Turkish government settles Muslim Circassian refugees in the Golan to ward off Bedouin robbers. Other settlers in the area include Sudanese, Algerians, Kurds...
In 1878, an Ottoman law granted lands in Palestine to the Moslem refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina in theCarmel region, in the Galilee and in the Plain of Sharon and in Caesarea. The refugees were further attracted by l2-year tax exemptions and exemption from military service.
The same colonization policy was also directed toward Moslem refugees from Russia - particularly from the Crimeaand the Caucasus. They were Cherkesians and Turkmenians - leading to their settling in Abu Gosh, nearJerusalem and in the Golan Heights. Refugees from Algeriaand Egypt were also settled in JaffaGazaJericho and the Golan.
British Mandate: 1917-1947.
1923 Having discovered the Golan lacks oil but that theMosul area in northern Syria is rich in oil, the British cede the Golan to France in exchange for Mosul . At the same time the Trans-Jordan was ceded from Palestinian mandate as well and Egypt was given control of Sinai, British andFrance gain control of Suetz canal. (82% of Jewish land was sacrificed in the process!)
In 1934 alone, 30,000 Syrian Arabs from the Hauran moved across the northern frontier into Mandate Palestine, attracted by work in and around the newly built British port and the construction of other infrastructure projects. They even dubbed Haifa Um el-Amal ("the city of work").
The Ottoman Turks' census (1882) recorded only 141,000 Muslims in the Palestinian. The British census in 1922 reported 650,000 Muslims.
The Palestine Mandate. In July 1922, the League of Nations entrusted the Great Britain with The Palestine Mandate, recognizing "the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine," Great Britain was called upon to facilitate the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine - Eretz Israel (Land of Israel). Three months later, in order to obtain full control over Suez canal, the Great Britain and France made a deal with Egypt andHashemite KingdomThe king's brother was invited to become the governor of Trans-Jordanian province (77% of the Mandate) and to become king of Jordan later; the Sinai Peninsula was given to EgyptGolan Heights (5% of the Palestinian Mandate) was ceded to the French controlled Syrian Mandate. This robbery of the Jewish was legalized immediately by, the puppet of the Great Britain and France -the League of Nations!
General Assembly resolution 181, on Nov. 29, 1947It calls for the partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, with Jerusalem to be controlled by a "special international regime" to protect its holy places. The Zionist movement seeking to establish a Jewish state accepted the partition, the Arabs rejected it. The resolution was not carried out: After Israel declared its independence on May 14, 1948 , war broke out pitting the embryonic state against surrounding 7 Arab states. Israel gained more land than it would have had under the partition resolution. Neither Israelnor Jordan , which controlled the divided parts of Jerusalemafter the war, accepted control of the holy city by an international body.
Security Council resolution 242 , Nov. 22, 1967: It calls for "withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied" in the 1967 Six Day War and for "respect for and acknowledgment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force." The resolution was not carried out because the Arab side did not recognizeIsrael, and Israel refused to withdraw.
Why Left or Right?
by Steven Shamrak
One of the major distinctions between humans and animals is that we have analytical intellect. At the same time, we base most of our ideas and form opinions on our emotions, beliefs and assumptions, not on facts. Blinded by personal psycho-emotional history, people dismiss logic of the facts and create assumption to fit and support their own belief structure. Completely opposite ideologies: Lefties, Fascists and Islamic expansionists/terrorists found themselves united on one issue only - Hate toward Jews. Quite often, I receive mail from them. Those messages are mainly just rhetoric based on preconceived ideas and psycho-emotional cocktail.
I have never received letters that would contradict the historical facts about: Right of Jewish people to their homeland - "Palestine "; The history of aggression and terror created by Arabs; The U.N. bias against Israel.
But, I am often accused of being:
Anti-Arab or Muslim. -  As a member of the Jewish tribe, with thousands of years being the victims in history of persecution and discrimination , I can assure you that my view are not Anti-something. I just express a pro-Jewish point of view based on facts not legends. At the same time, I do respect the freedom and rights of any religion and political point of view, even the fascist one, as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others.
Too emotional. -  Arab leaders and clerics, often seen on TV, fumigating when they talk about Israel. Communists and Fascists are so passionate when they scream anti-Israel/anti-Semitic slogans. This is apparently acceptable.However, w hen a Jew logically presents facts in support of the Jewish state, suddenly, it is wrong to be emotional.
Too Right wing.   -    I do not consider myself Right or Left wing. I base my ideas and views on facts not emotions. There are too many people (including many Jews) who are very eager to promote, self-destructive, Left wing views. Actually, I can't understand why, in relation to Israel 's right to exist there are Right or Left wind political points of view. Isn't it supposed to be point of view based on historical facts and the right of the Jewish people to live on the land of their ancestors?
Dear Friends,
Eleven years have passed since I started to send my letters out. I often asked one question: Why do you do it? I would like to answer it here:
Unfortunately, most people, including many Jews, are driven by emotions. They form their opinions under the influence of the manipulative world media and their own psychological predispositions, ignoring facts and logic. Israel is loosing 'Media War'! Neither Israeli governments nor Jewish leadership in other countries have been doing anything about PR side of the Arab-Israel conflict.
I try to disseminate several points in my letters:
·        Israel is a front-line defense in the war between Islamic expansionism and Western democracies.
·        UN anti-Israel bias and Double-standard is applied to Israel by International community.
·        Jewish people have the right to live in peace on the land of their ancestors.
·        Israel is the only Jewish state.
·        There are 60 Muslim countries, including 22 Arab ones. They have enough land to accommodate all Arabs.
·        Negotiation will not stop terrorism. It only makes it stronger.
Elie Wiesel said: "The opposite of love is not hate, it s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference."
As members of Western democratic society we all have an obligation to fight indifference and protect our way of life - Democracy - Social justice and freedom of speech. The blindIsrael bashing is not a part of a true democracy. It is ugly left over of the 'Old World'.
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