Thursday, June 19, 2014


Among its other catchy tunes, John Adams' " The Death of Klinghoffer" includes this snappy ditty: "Wherever poor men — Are gathered they can — Find Jews getting fat — You know how to cheat — The simple, exploit — The virgin, pollute — Where you have exploited — Defame those you cheated — And break your own law — With idolatry." 

 John Adams did not “understand” the emotions and pronouncements of the terrorists. Otherwise, he would have quoted their outrageous statements directly.  John Adams created all of the false   sympathetic words that he has  coming  from the terrorists's  mouths. Adams represents his manufactured thoughts and emotions to   the audience  as being  the terrorists real thoughts  and real  emotions--which they have never expressed and which certainly they do not feel. Adams  is condoning the terrorists' horrific, cold-blooded actions as being based on “their humanity”

Leon Klinghoffer was an American citizen and a World War II veteran. What Adams is condoning is a cold-blooded murder of  all  Americans and all of Jews anywhere in the world.

"The Triumph of the Will" was also greeted as a great theatrical masterpiece.CAN THE MET NOT GRASP THAT TO GLORIFY EVIL IS EVIL?